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I am one of the ’98 babies currently pursuing psychology and also, a meaning in life via the arts. I am not here with a specific purpose; rather, this site is created for personal expression and everybody from all walks of life are welcomed to stay, be entertained, or browse through a few topics. I  preserve authenticity via real content curation paired with detailed research when necessary. There are no specified content I can guarantee as I am inspired by many different aspects in life. These include, beauty, health, skincare, food, fashion and stigmatized issues such as mental health or unresolved social inequality. Of course, that is not the end and it is your job to find out more. Should these varying aspects interest me or spark controversial thoughts in my head, I will start the writing as and when possible. On the other hand, poetry is a platform where I can express my inner thoughts and feelings – whether white, black or grey – instead of the typical blogging of daily experiences. Yet, a flair for mysterious and ambiguous poetry does not define the exact for other reviews, recommendations and advertorials published on this site. Readers and curious seekers should not doubt any reviews, recommendations and advertorials on this site as I specifically choose what I want to promote and they are usually one of the best few that has won my heart in the market.

I hope my contents are able to expand your knowledge on various lifestyle and issues concurrently. At the same time, may they serve as reassurance, enlightenment and peace to you and may you happily find your way to true satisfaction and self-authenticity.

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For collaborations or business inquiries, email me at melodypohsf@gmail.com

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




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