Beyond The Label

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In every society across the world, the prevailing issue of mental health disorders tends to be stigmatised. Thus, misconceived. We’ve been taught to feel ashamed of our mental struggles simply because society disregards mentally ill people and casually blames the sufferer or the parents of the sufferer for their plight. We forget that these disorders are part of their imbalanced health condition, not who they are born to be. Why treat one with heart arrhythmia sympathetically yet avoid one with panic disorder like a plague when both are HEALTH conditions only to be “physical” and “mental” respectively?

Cum October, #BeyondTheLabel kickstarts to raise awareness 😲 of mental health issues on a NATIONAL level and this lessens the loneliness one has to go through with dealing mental issues alone. Honoured to be a selected participant for this campaign because there hardly was any opportunity to dismantle the long-held stigma and give voice to those who’ve lost their own while struggling to be “normal”.

To those who had gone through or who are currently going through the struggles right now, a shoutout to all of you 💓💓 You’ll always be the same, beautiful innocent one ☝️ despite your crimes/hatred/confusion whatsoever #worldmentalhealthday




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