Brand’s Lutein Essence

They say the eyes are the window to the souls yet the increased affluence and convenience of our lifestyle has led us to forget how IMPORTANT it is to keep these “windows” clean and sturdy. Blue-violet light is massively invading our environment as technology advances to more energy-conserving inventions like LED and CFLs which emit high levels of blue-violet light. Adding on to the frequent usage of smartphones, computers, etc., on a daily basis, our exposure to blue-violet light is undeniably constant and cumulative; unless proper care is intervened, our retinal cells will die!!🤔


So, I drink Brand’s Lutein Essence to maintain low eye sensitivity and strengthen eye muscles! They are easily drunk from their compact bottles of #luteinessence by @brands_sg , I’m able to receive my daily dosage of BOTH Lutein and Zeaxanthin✔️✔️ (2 important carotenoids naturally found in the eyes) which function as shields against these harmful wave lights constantly exposed to; especially when most of my schedules, notes, journal entries, etc are all e-formatted.

Had a 12-day #bluelightdiet which led me to less dry, strained and tired eyes! Less sensitive to light and less likely to dry up easily even when I wear my lenses for long hours. Thus, I no longer have to rely on eye drops and constantly worry about its possible allergic reactions. Definitely, I’m SUPER IN LOVE❤️ with how bright and energetic my eyes look right now! On top of that, I’ve also noticed my skin complexion improving despite all these late-night munches of CNY goodies and hangouts. If my friends and co-workers did not compliment me out of the blue for my improving complexion, I would’ve never realised how healthy and beauty-enhancing this Essence could be! Head down to your nearest pharmacy/supermarket right now and grab one of yours if you wanna save yourself from being at risk of age-related eye problems in the future…🙂 Like what they always say, prevention is always better than cure!


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