Nivea Extra White Serum

Recently, I’ve been religiously using this mini extra white serum by NIVEA and the results turned out more than I’d expected.



Not only do I feel and smell more refreshing in this sweltering heat, I’m also more confident with wearing my singlets out!

Little did I know that it contains 10x more vitamin c than the older version as well as avocado oil and glycerin to lighten, nourish, smoothen and even out the skin tone of my not-so-white underarms 🌝🌚 oh well, I guess I’ve revealed too much information at the moment but nothing beats sharing my joy when I discovered this in its deodorant form😊 Right now, it follows me anywhere, everywhere😛


Trust me, I was pretty sceptical🧐🧐 at first because I don’t really buy marketing gimmicks so why not try yours today to experience what it can truly offer??

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