Healthy Mediterranean Eats

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Mediterranean Cuisine has been proven to be one of the World’s most healthiest cuisine, relying heavily on olive oil and many other healthy ingredients!

If the first thing that comes to your mind is hummus, then T-A-D-A!

Today, I’ll be listing out exactly what you’re putting inside your body when you indulge in Hummus! Take a look at the picture above, these are all the ingredients you would find in a plate of well-blended chickpea dip A.K.A Hummus!

Your Beauty JunkieExtra
oilChickpea is a legume!Text placeholderPromotes Digestion Rich Source of Iron Help With Diabetes Improve Blood Cholesterol Promote Weight Loss and Fat Reduction Prevent Food-Borne Illnesses Help With Drug Dependence Fight Inf

Next up, its humble counterpart, the rich and thirst-quenching Green Tahini, boasts most of its ingredients from grounded sesame seed paste which is calorie-dense; thus, prevents overeating! Take a look at what you’re reaping from a humble plate of Green Tahini!

1. Helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol
2. Help balance hormones (menopause)
3. Helps improve skin health
4. Boosts nutrient absorption 
5. Great source of essential vitamins & minerals 
6. High in  healthy .png


With all the health benefits in mind, fret not when you are holding on to a falafel and thinking whether or not you should eat it because falafels are made of dried chickpeas and olive oil too! Unless you have it deep-fried with some not recommended oil, you’re on the right track!


One more thing which the Mediterraneans eat as a staple is its freshly chopped salad, often seasoned with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil! Sometimes, with a sprinkle of table salt or sea salt.

Inspired by Middle Eastern ingredients, you would often find their food loaded with nutritious herbs and spices. In the Western world where people load their finger food with ketchup, mayonnaise and other unhealthy sauces, the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern world indulge in guilt-free healthy sauces, one of which is the


Amba Sauce

They tend to have their plate of carbs filled with multi-grained ingredients, instead of the simple white processed flour we tend to binge on for satiety! Have you heard of its pita bread? It is vegan, wholemeal and makes you full easily! Pair it with hummus as a dip and you will find yourself more energised, with a much stable blood glucose level which doesn’t leave you craving for food so soon!
Pita & Olives_ Wholewheat Pita Bread

If you’re looking for a place that serves high quality Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, I’d recommend the one at Pasarbella, Suntec City. This vendor opens 7 days a week and serves its food fresh, which explains why the waiting time can be long when the crowd is large. However, do not miss out on how much high-quality and nutritive ingredients you can claim when you eat SELF-MADE, fresh food instead of quick and easy fast food. Moreover, there is no preservatives to stand in your way so you can enjoy a perfectly scrumptious meal without worrying about increasing your cancer risks. I’ve seen many people shed pounds with the Mediterranean Diet and gym-goers making Mediterranean Cuisine the main source of their energy and nutrients!

Money can buy you the whole world and may help to buy good health; yet, good health comes first from YOURSELF. Change your lifestyle now and start incorporating Mediterranean food slowly into your diet! Good luck!

Live bubbly young before you can’t afford to do so anymore! Re: Prevention is better than Cure!

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