Pita & Olives

This humble shop which caters to halal, vegetarian and vegan eaters is one hot spot for office workers during weekday office hour and a sure place for families to enjoy a savoury pizza meal during the weekends, being the only vendor that sells pizza!

You dont need a silver fork to eat good food

Yet, one specialty which highlights the main point to visit this shop is its handmade food, all from premium and finely selected ingredients! You’ll get a taste of their fresh, fluffy and warm pita bread should you visit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the lunch hour. Their falafels do no follow the usual tradition of being deep-fried. Instead, they are baked in the oven with a little coating of extra virgin olive oil! W-O-W! Check out their vegan chicken kebab too and indulge in their platters with your buddy, date or loved one!

Did you know-Pita & Olives_ Wholewheat Pita Bread

Their shop is located at Pasarbella Suntec City where you will be greeted by a nice salad bar to tempt your taste buds even further! This humble shop which opened its doors in 2013 has received astounding praises for its HUMMUS – being the best – in Singapore! Hummus lovers, this will be a heavenly place for you to delight!

Delizioso by Chef WaldorfPITA & OLIVES (1)PITA & OLIVESUntitled designCapture

If you are more of a meat-eating fan, fret not; this place serves one of the most tediously marinated Roasted Chicken Shawarma which claimed its position for being one of the popular bestsellers in the shop! They’ve got minced Beef Kebab and Roasted Lamb Shawarma that will leave you craving even more! So if you happen to be near the vicinity, do head down to Pita & Olives for a nice healthy and scrumptious treat.

Roasted chicken

Here’s the link to their facebook and instagram page! Remember, seeing isn’t fully believing; tasting is.


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