I am

I am 5 ft 3 inches tall

And I weigh less than 120lbs

I love simplicity

I don’t like too much dramas

So when it’s time to let go

I will

Because I get tired as well

I love my personal space and

I’m still very private with my thoughts

I hate being forced to say it out

So I’d end up lying about it

Maybe that’s why I think my life is boring

So I tell the whole world stories I couldn’t count

I’d create stories to make it like as though

It wasn’t mundane nor humdrum

I liked the idea of living on the edge

But truth is

I prefer simplicity

And it prevents me from living that way

I am a staunch believer of karma

Yet I hurt people along the way

Yet, I still consider myself with a kind heart

Because I’d always try my best to help people

Whenever they need my help

Sometimes I’d cry alone for them

Especially if I feel their sufferings are beyond my help

I’m a little emotional at times

It’s because I’m vulnerable

I find this an embarrassing weakness

So my pride covers it up

You know, I try my best to minimise hurt

I think I’m not good enough

So I push people away

And ended up hurting myself

Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted

Maybe that’s not the case

A little absurd it sounds

But maybe that’s the way I am

I’m fucked up, I admit

I just wanted to be cared

Yet all the stories that I tell

Backfire at the end

But I’m still the same old person

Just like what my childhood mate would say

I adapt well to changes

And I appreciate anything that comes along the way

I don’t need a million dollars to be satisfied

Though I love comfort

But I think every effort counts

Maybe I wasn’t expressive enough

But there were many things I’d enjoyed myself

I dislike hanging out with a big group of people

Though at times I’ll put myself in such marathons

I prefer one-to-one company

So long as it feels safe and sound

You would hardly see me hanging out

With a whole group of people

So I’d make excuses

Because I feel overwhelmed

I hate being asked too many questions

I hate having to share

Yet at times when I feel so energetic

A thousand souls is okay

If you’ve noticed one thing

I’d usually go one-on-one

Or sometimes solitary

Though my heart would crave for someone else

I don’t think I’ve changed that much

Only the stories that I tell

I still love tokens of love

And warm hugs generously given

I still adore the shyness that comes by

From the smiling tips of two lips

And I love being treated like a Princess

Though too much doesn’t feel realistic

I love having small treats once in a while

And I love surprises too

I adore the sincerity that comes from these actions

And I love the kindness that comes from being understood

Yet not many could really understand me

Perhaps it’s because of all the stories that I’ve told

I’m just a shameful big liar

But my heart is clearly opened for you

I love long midnight drives

I love being driven for

I’m fond of romantic ideas

And I get excited when it becomes action

I love skinship a lot

And the warm cuddles that come

I love sniffing the back of my loved one

Because he has an amazing smell

I love kissing someone when they are asleep

Because I’m shy when it comes to my love

I think everyone still looks like angels

With their eyes shut from the world

I’ve got a lot of plans in my head

And I hardly say it out

Because I love giving surprises

You’d be the lucky one

Yet my words are marked out by my pride

So the innocence hardly gets expressed

You need a very trained eye

To see through the words unsaid

I appreciate people who could see this part of me

They are usually a rare few

My gemstones I left unpolished

But they never left me

At the end of the day

The little girl in me is just trying to live

Like a little girl

Mischievous, yet loving

My mind’s not narrow

My scope is deeper than you foresee

I think I’ve got a lot of skills

And I think I’m good-looking too

I’ve really got a lot of suitors

Though I just wish they could leave me alone

Because I haven’t mastered the art of saying no

I can donate them to you girls

Who crave for some likes

Because I like how things were

Just like the breeze on the jetty

The skyscrapers that light up the night sky

The sun that slowly rises from the east

The sky that paints the world I see

And the steady flow of the flyer

Though you’ve changed a lot

But I guess you’re still the same old innocence

And that’s the end of my story

Something I’ve tried to salvage with stories

I am intelligent

Yet I’m a fool when it comes to people

I was a chapter that lost its meaning

I am a chapter to close

But I will be a new chapter to open

This time round with a different person

Yet on the same dawn of summer

And the same love that thrives on childlike innocence

Hi, I’m Melody

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