When am I suitable for anti-aging products? (+ TIPS & REC)

I am a strict believer of


so you’d find me generously feeding my skin with anti-aging products at the age of 20! Based on my experiences, I’ve never experienced any breakouts etc. with anti-aging products. The idea that it could be “too strong” for my youthful skin doesn’t tally with my results as of so. In fact, my skin remains well-maintained, doubly hydrated, soothed and firmed with anti-aging products. But of course, you gotta choose the right products!

Why is it so important to start feeding your skin cells the nutrients it needs to stay strong and regenerate fast? Take a look at our surroundings right now; although Singapore is not highly undergoing industrialization, we cannot deny that our environment is not fully clean without pollution. What about substance abuse such as cigarette-smoking or being exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke? With globalization influencing almost every corner of the world, men is gearing with ideas to maximize their profit by turning to science and technology. Thus is the creation of preservatives and many other men-made chemical substances you can find in your processed food – popular due to its convenience – in a hectic society like Singapore’s. Speaking about “hectic”, does late-night sleep sounds familiar to you? Next, being located in a tropical region, it is almost 365 days a year that we bathe in Sunlight. Having mentioned these three factors is enough to outline the amount of damage our skin is helplessly exposed to; unless, you spam with the sunblock, eat purely organic food, sleep early and have an air purifier by your side 24/7. What about the amount of makeup blotted on your face just for personal pleasure or to meet up to society’s ideals of “beauty”? Have you ever considered the amount of oxygen being deprived from your skin? Moreover, with science proving that every human being needs oxygen for survival, what makes you discount the cells in our body? Knowing that



Does it makes sense that you ought to pamper your skin with oxygen, essential nutrients and protective mechanisms against skin damage while you rest your bones at night? Therefore, no matter your skin condition, anti-aging should be included in your skincare routine; preferably at night when your body undergoes rest and rehabilitation. Furthermore, since anti-aging skincare products are catered for matured skin which tends to be more sensitive and dehydrated, those still battling with acne-associated skincare issues should make it a weekly treatment routine to use anti-aging products!

There is definitely no specific age to implement anti-aging routine although aging starts to accelerate typically at your mid-20s! That is why my answer to

‘When can I start using anti-aging products’

would be

Once when you hit the BIG 2!

As for me, I started using anti-aging products when I was 17 because at that point of time, I was working for a luxury skincare line and had colleagues who were decades older than me. I guess I was really influenced by their need to lather anti-aging skincare products. Their advice to me was to start taking preventive measures against aging. As they are more experienced, their trained eyes were able to catch “aging symptoms” on my face. For instance, my laughing lines or those fine lines which appeared under my prone-to-swell eyes. That was when I started becoming more conscious of my skin as I had always been receiving positive remarks  (guess it’s genetic?) and had no issues with it! Fast forward to when I first had my skincare analysis, I was really shocked to find out that I had “opened pores” because all along I thought I had that “baby skin”. All these signs made me more mindful of my lifestyle and I decided to invest my savings on health supplements and skincare products! I also started to understand my skin better and understood that these signs of aging only appeared simply because I never saw the need to use anti-aging products and my dry-skin nature needed more hydration and less exfoliation. I stopped using facial scrubs because many skincare consultants I visited has told me that my skin is thinly-layered and is sensitive. I think you guys should get a skincare checkup before starting to invest on any skincare products. You don’t want to unknowingly cause further damage onto your skin!


I hope I have managed to pique your interest as I am about to share how I maintain, prevent and treat aging!


  1. Use sunblock! Do you know that exposure to UV rays is a direct cause of aging? A long-term exposure will lead to a decrease in collagen production, decreasing the elasticity of the skin which will lead to saggy wrinkled skin and opened pores – a sign of aging. Take a look at what this dermatologist has to say about the effects of UV exposure on skin!Capture 123As for me, I am currently using the sunblock by PROUD MARY derma cosmetics! It has SPF50+/PA+++  and unlike any other sun block cream I’ve ever used, it seriously does not feel oily or sticky! It is light-weighted and fast-absorbing! On top of  that, it does not have that typical “swimming pool” odor which I find rather strong! I like how it plays off with a milder fragrance and a closer sniff leads to the discovery of an earthy, woody tone. www.beautyjour.comIMG_3384IMG_3386
  2. Quit or cut down cigarette smoking! The side effects are not just vicious on your health, but also rather imprinted on your skin. The list is endless but the main effects I feel a need to highlight are the prematuring of your facial skin, having a higher risk of skin cancer, a slower wound-healing process and the increased risk of inflammation on your skin! The nicotine that is found in cigarettes constricts your blood vessels and causes less oxygen to diffuse into your skin cells. Thus, affecting healthy skin growth which results in aging.
  3. Drink less alcohol! Although research has shown that your red wine is packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol and tannin which help fight aging by restoring collagen and elastic fiber, other types of alcohol aren’t as “healthy” as the former. In fact, alcohol causes dehydration and in time, damages the skin!
  4. Drink more water! Invest in a cute water tumbler so that you will find it easier to hydrate whenever and wherever! IMG_1534
  5. Watch your diet! Too much processed food may cause inflammation on the skin as they contain many men-made chemicals. Cut down on the salt because like alcohol, it can dehydrate your skin too. On the other hand, steer clear of any food which you know you are allergic to. Anything that upsets your immune system will be showcased onto your skin! If you are a sufferer of eczema or psoriasis, the common trigger is dairy! This can also be applied to people with severe acne conditions or who just want to improve their skin conditions. There is no necessary need to fully abstain from dairy; yet I would still highly advise to cut down your dairy intake accordingly! Have more fruits and veggies as they are highly nutritious and if you have the ability to spend more on your diet, include more organic-branded food. Don’t forget, you are whatever you eat! FUNFACT: My father is at his ripen age of 60 but he has no health-related conditions at all! In fact, despite the typical wrinkles forming around his eye area when he smiles, his skin still gives off a beautiful radiance and he claims that he owed it to eating green apples every single day. I have also understood from my mother that he has always been very health-conscious since young and well, his efforts certainly paid off!
  6. Try these anti-aging foods! For the luxurious eaters, Bird Nest and Ginseng! These foods are more popular in Northern Asia such as China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. A cheaper substitute of bird nest is the infamous White Fungus, otherwise known as the poor man’s bird nest. Similar to bird nest, it helps to increase collagen production, promotes blood circulation and slow down aging. The benefits are endless just like ginseng, being the wealth of health! If you haven’t seen the need to over-invest on your skin, fret not! Have some anchovies if you are a non-vegan eater! Anchovies are rich in minerals, vitamins and omega-3 which helps fight inflammation and decrease free radicals which accelerates aging. Being packed with protein, it increases cell repair and regeneration! Your skin will certainly be well-to-go with it! Include Olive Oil into your diet if you haven’t!
  7. Supplement your skin with the essential vitamins and minerals! I’m sure you have heard of Vitamin C being a good immune-supporter but do you know your body NEEDS vitamin c to build collagen? The supplements that I am currently taking for my skin includes vitamin c, e, d, multi-vitamin & mineral pills and most importantly, Evening Primrose Oil! Primrose Oil is definitely a great substitute to fish oil for the vegetarians/vegans and if you are women, it can help support PMS too! Being well-known for its benefits to eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions, it has also been proven to do wonders to your body health! Once again, if you do not see a dying need to “waste money” on such supplements, please at least do not forgo the Vitamin C okay?
  8. Replenish your fluids with coconut water! Coconut water has similar properties to your sports electrolytes drinks in the market but the factors which makes it stand out are its anti-microbial powerhouse, lauric acid, which fights against skin infections, cytokines responsible for encouraging cell growth and cell activation and being low in calories! You can even use it as a cleanser or toner too!
  9. Ensure that you cleanse your skin at least twice a day! This is to lessen the amount of bacteria present on your skin and reduce chances of skin inflammation. However, do not over exfoliate as this may cause skin-thinning and puts the skin at higher risk of inflammatory reactions. AVOID rubbing your eye area too frequently or vigorously! This may give chance for wrinkles to form! Instead, do *facial massages which can stimulate lymph nodes and promote blood circulation. Thus, slow down aging. Use a suitable moisturizer based on your skin’s hydration level!
  10. Lastly, apply anti-aging products to PREVENT aging and/or TREAT aging symptoms! I am currently using PROUD MARY’S peptide ampoule anti-aging series and each time I lather its products on my skin, I fall in love with them even further!


Well, an Ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Serums are meant to address specific issues like brightening, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. and can usually be easily absorbed into the skin. Thus, an Ampoule works by speeding up the process of treating your specific skin condition(s) and is not necessarily to be used long-term.

On the other hand, peptides are short segments of amino acids which are simply tiny protein molecules!

The image below illustrates how peptides appear in each protein molecule:


Thus, when many peptide molecules come together, a protein is formed. In this case, the targeted protein molecule is none other than Collagen! When collagen production depletes, it is not fully replaced. Hence, the skin slowly becomes thinner and wrinkled over time. Because collagen breaks down, peptides form. Research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that these peptides signal your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to produce more. When skincare peptides are applied topically, your skin “thinks” that collagen has broken down again and will gear up to manufacture new collagen. It has also been scientifically proven to minimize wrinkles and opened pores!

Having this knowledge equipped in hand, let’s get started with the products!


What I personally like about the cream is the fact that it is highly nutritious; with the combination of peptide, it certainly helps to improve the elasticity of my skin effectively! It is very rich in moisture yet easy-absorbing on the skin! I do not have to spam with the cream and this makes it cost-effective! However, I am certainly not sure if the effects will remain the same for those with severely dry and wrinkled matured skin. All I know is that as a 20-year-old with dry, sensitive skin experimenting with anti-aging products, PROUD MARY’s Peptide Ampoule cream moisturizes just nice with a tiny bit! As for the Ampoule itself, I lather it closer to my eye areas and certainly, for some reasons, my eyes tend to appear “bright and refreshed” even if I did not have a good sleep the night before! As for the Face Mask, with its 7 types of nutritious extract including Peptide, my skin is ever more soothed and light! The amount of serum soaked with the mask is rather concentrated and thick. Thus, the remains can be used to lather other parts of your body! It is definitely a savior when you are rushing to look gorgeous the night or a few hours before an important event! I am only mentioning this because it has effectively reduced swelling all over my face! If you are pretty anxious or just had a long day under the scorching sun, please use this mask to soothe your irritated skin! You won’t regret, because I did not! Ultimately, due to some stressful occurrences recently, my skin became dull with a sallow complexion; thankfully, after using this skincare range, the glow in my skin is being brought back alive and I do not have to waste time over-clogging my poor skin pores with makeup! Out of 10, I’d give PROUD MARY’S Peptide Ampoule series a 9!

I hope you have gained a typical insight on the causes and effects of aging and the preventive measures against this unstoppable process of life. It is always never too late to start anti-aging because so long the effort is genuine, the results will follow thereafter! Following these 10 tips may not only improve your skin health, but your overall health in general! I do not want to give a guarantee on anything, but there is still a high chance that the scale may fall so don’t forget to include some physical exercise here and there! Incorporating a healthier lifestyle will improve your psychological well-being; so when you feel good, you WILL look good. Always remember, you reap what you sow!

*I will be explaining the appropriate methods to massage your face in a separate blog post! In the meantime, curious seekers can feel free to search on Google and Youtube for more information!

Regarding more information on PROUD MARY, here is a little extract I have taken from its pamphlet:


It is a very renowned skincare brand in Korea which has yet to break into Singapore’s market only till three months ago! Currently only available online, do check out the official distributor at BEAUTY JOUR SINGAPORE and stay tuned for my upcoming 14-day-review on its lacto-fresh series!

Til then, take care!


Don’t forget to follow my instagram @melodyumg for more updates and reviews on skincare/beauty/health-related products!

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