Awfully Charmed

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I’ve got a red flower in my heart

Buried from the past

Never came back to life

Til you looked me in the eye

I’ve got sorrow that failed to perform

Dreams that had got shut from the world

And a heart that refused to feel again

Til you came along

What have you done to me, my love?

Your beautiful face

Your charming smile

The way you touched my hands and held them tight

Aroused a belonging like home

Never thought I’d be able to feel this way again

Writing beautiful love stories on a cheerful trace

Flutters all over my chest

Sinking a sense of warmth

Which made me cried so badly

All the way home

For you are so gorgeous

But I can’t have

Though both of us know we deeply connect

How I wish we could go through it

All over again

So I can loosen up and let you know that I cared

At least when the night is over and time flies again

I did what I had to do

Instead of trying to push you away

But love,

I am so curious about what went on in your mind

Was it a genuine facade or a means to steal pleasure for the night

But still,

I like the sense of belonging you gave

How I wish it could deeply last forever

And I apologize for all the “NO” signals

Though my heart loves to start anew with you

My last love has left me chained up in blues

I don’t think I’d ever feel safe in anybody’s arms

Though in yours, I swear

I could feel heat rising up

Makes me wanna turn over and surprise you with a peck

Yet the insecurities shunned my innocence in hand

Left you feeling like a half-opened book

Maybe that is why you are afraid to continue

Should I let you go anytime soon?

The ticking of the clock tells me to lose it all

Yet behind the mask that I wore

Lies a sallow-looking widow waiting to fall

And you’re my prince charming

Who came too untimely

I am so sorry

I’ve gotta beg you to leave

My mind is still holding on to a past somehow alive

Too petrified to place bets on who would ultimately win this time

Would you love me for who I am?

Or would you, like everybody

Leave me again?

Would you  accept me in and out?

My love,

I hate how you flipped all the tables

Turned me back into a fresh teenage girl

Giggling in silence at your flawlessness

Tryna catch my breath each time your gaze caught me red-handed

Why are you so charming it makes me so mad

What spell have you cast beforehand

Unless you are willing to walk in my shoes

I shall leave my doors shut against you

Til my heart fully heals again

Unless you would like to think

I deserve a second chance

Unless you would like to love me all over again

I shall remain on the viral edge

Because I’d like to be held in your arms once more

Feel the smoothness of your thumb

Assuring me warmth

I’d love to feel your oh-so-lovely lips on mine

I’d love to feel

For once,


And I’d like to give it a try

Should you be willing to take up this fight

Oh sweet lullaby

What have you done to me

Feels like my whole body

Is under your territory

The way you’re making me feel


Makes me wanna see you again!

– Awfully charmed x


A song which describes how you totally melted my heart like heated butter,

Gorgeous- Taylor Swift

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