Truly Is There?

If we just keep going back and forth then it’s all right

Just keep it in a safe box

No one will untie

I have been so serious with the way I lost myself

And I’ve been so sincere when I look at you one more time

I guess it’s all a goodbye right now

No longer be your life

No longer be your mornings or your dreamy little nights

I’ll take my time to move away from what I’ve lost, all right?


I’ll never forget all that’s been done inside


Truly is there any other thing I could just fight

Nothing but myself and this life I hold so tight

Look at what you reminisce and just look at yourself

You wanna say goodbye

So I

Will take the choice

Truly is there any other thing I would have done

Nothing else but simply just

Holding your hands for once




Is there any other reason for you to go home

Is there any other sympathy to let go

Is there any other choice than to say goodbye

Maybe I’ve hurt you too much

So it’s all right

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