Sobriety, what is that?

A kind of danger, a form of hazard

Ravenous flames that threaten to steal my oxygen

Reality, why is it so sad

A flair of unfairness

And a dip of nausea

Coaxing me to bed

And they whisper hushes of silence

Beneath the tip of my nose

Soothing me back home

A luxury I never seem to possess

Is this reality

Or a temporary opposite of a nightmare

Is this tangible

Or a thought close to a grainy dare

And the air smelled like the aftermath of a rain

Yet the clouds seemed to have stopped painting the skies grey

Neither was it appearing like soft cotton wool

But crimson that threatened to fall on me anytime soon

Embarrassment piling up on my shoulders

And a holy secret tuned to unholiness

How many nights more will the sky be filled with yellow dots again

All I see at night

Is a huge canvas of blackness

With cruel streaks of grey

And the rain starts to pour cats and dogs yet again

Nature creating scenes from my heart’s pain

A capricious weather it has

Like my tears and my raging flames

Both die upon meeting each other

Yet it wipes and it flushes all that is sane

And all that is left is nothing

But a sense of hollowness

Creeping up my chest

And tightening my consciousness

Time to travel to the opposite of what is sober

A heaven so temporary

You gotta hold it tight to not disappear

Before it starts slipping off your bloody fingers

Switch on the engine and pour its needed fuel

And before I knew it

I’ve travelled a thousand miles away from what is sober

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