Sadness creeps as the dawn breaks

A perfect start to a new day

Oh shame, it is.

Beyond escape

This indescribable feeling creeping up my chest

No words to express the emotions infested

Just a mixture of intense elaboration

Haunting me day and night

Comes and goes as and when it likes

What is this sheer sensation

Engulfing my chest

Eating me alive

A trickle of silence accompanied thereafter

Oppressively screaming fears into my ears

I can’t escape from this bewilderment

I’ve fallen too deep and became tormented

No more words left to support the emptiness hung

Everything’s engaged with the same fearful drum

And the shame that comes with no idea

A shame so intense it’s insanely superior

Threatening to eat me alive

As I stay paralysed in blocked emotions

There’s nowhere to run

Only to surrender

I screamed “HELP” as I laid helpless

Feeling it penetrated into each and every corner

No tears left to empty out the emptiness

No words left to spell out the horrors of what’s ahead of my decisions

No voice left to unwind this curious piece of guiltiness

No more smiles to mask this slow sensation of fear

Each shaming attack

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