May I ask you sir

If it was fair to leave me alone in silence

And allow rumour to spread because of your sadness

And allow tongues to wag because you were immature

You thought you were justified enough but it never happened

May I ask you sir

If it was fair enough to leave me begging in silence

And allow life to continue

As you danced the night away

With me weeping in silence

Were you justified or simply running away from your confusion?

May I ask you sir

If it was fair enough to leave me unknown in the silent

Had the oceans swept me away

While you fought for all that you could

To seize enjoyment

Have you found what you truly wanted?

If you have already found the answers,

Then justify this silence

For as I know sir

I slept well enough to be left out as the time trickles

But I’ve been accompanied by dreams of what that is real

I was made to feel like nothing by you

Like as though it never happened

As the winds of change conquers the very beginning of a new world

I settled for some justification and knew the answers

If sir, you are a thoughtful gentleman?

Wise at heart and opened in your vessels

Broad in your thinking and deep in your soul

Why do you hurt for pleasure to heal yours

Why do you fire attacks at ambiguous platforms

Why do you chase for attention to justify your happiness

Why do you play the man to build up your reputation

For pride, you discarded your honoured worthiness

For each bicker trying to be right, you lost count of the value of your words

To be justified, it seems

But here are the answers

“Dear sir it was

It could have been

It would never happen again

A shame it is

I allowed myself to sink into blame

Realising at the end of the day

Why should I feel this way?

You made a choice and I fought back then

You loved simple revenge to stand up for your shame

You desire hopping for new emotions to add to your stories

A seemingly picturesque happiness you try to fork in

While I simply want peace and a healthier body

Finally settled down for the better

And said I let you down

But you let me down worst

Looking back at the fool that I was

Putting myself through endless races of emotions against emotions

Hurting others who shouldn’t be inflicted

While you ran around to look for justification

But there will never be

As long as you continue running in circles”

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