FadeOut Day Cream

Took me quite a while to write about this but here’s a quick update! I’ve been using FadeOut’s ADVANCED WHITENING + VIT E Day Cream for about a month and the results are pretty amazing! Purposely left my skin bare so scroll down to see the difference!



Sorry, no filters added! What I love about this cream is that it has spf 25, good enough to protect me from UVA and UVB rays, which are scientifically proven to cause skin damage and accelerate skin aging. It also gives my skin a natural rosy glow which I’m totally in love with!

Please refrain from thinking that this is about promoting “FAIR SKIN AS A BEAUTY STANDARD” as I believe achieving fair skin should only lie in one’s personal preferences and not be influenced by the society. The most important takeaway is that this cream has nutrients and added vitamins to protect my skin from environmental harm while maintaining skin hydration. Lastly, its added spf makes it more convenient to protect against the sun because at times, I can be too lazy to lather sunblock and my skin will only have its guard against harmful UV rays when I apply makeup! Therefore, this 2-in-1 adds benefits without adding costs!

Where to purchase?

Grab yours at SHOPPEE or LAZADA now! They’ve got different types of whitening series, both for day and night. Alternatively, you can choose to check out their instagram page beforehand. Simply click on the link below!


In the meantime, stay healthy and happy!



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