Freshlight Foam

Freshlight Foam #schwarzkopfsg is by far the best hair dye I’ve ever used!

Why is that so?

Application is fun, easy and fast!

Their after-treatment contains sunflower oil and has certainly left my hair soft and supple! Formulated with double-oil for exceptional colour, richness and radiance, I’m extremely pleased with how the vibrant colours turned out and I’m super regretful for not having any before-and-after pictures as solid proof.

Anyway, get yours at LAZADA today or head down to Watson’s!

Here’s a direct link if you plan to shop online! Freshlight Foam Series

Oh by the way, they’ve also got 6 vibrant fashion colours to choose from!

What colour did I try? Lemon Blonde! Here’s a quick snap of my hair with my man (sorry love, if you’re seeing this, please don’t get offended! Just some privacy to put in place)!

Agreed, some roots of my hair are not fully dyed but that’s because I was in a rush and I did it alone! Speed up the effectiveness by asking someone YOU TRUST to help out as they will have a better view of your hair than you!

Okay, that’s about it. Stay beautiful, people:)

With love,


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