How to relieve heatiness?

Heaty VS Cooling?

What’s this concept about?

Based on the yin and the yang, anything that has yang elements will cause heat while those with yin elements will have a cooling effect on our bodies!

Heaty food aids blood circulation, dispels cold and stimulates the body while cooling food removes heat, toxins and nourishes the body! Just like the yin yang symbol, balance is key to establish a whole functioning body. Therefore, when either type is taken in excess, health problems will arise in one’s body. Certainly, this concept does not coincide with the principles of Western Medicine but having its hold from over thousands of years, there is no harm incorporating it into our lifestyles!

In today’s modern society, we’re prone to be consuming more “heaty” meals due to our increased spending power, convenience and popularity. Chocolate, nuts, cookies, deep-fried, red meat, durians – sounds familiar to you? Having said that, it doesn’t mean that we don’t consume “cooling” food too. Based on every individual’s unique preferences, “cooling” food can be over-consumed too! Examples include fruits like watermelon, salad, tofu and barley. Surely, neither is better than the other as it really depends on one’s body type. If your body is considered “yin”, then eating heaty food will help balance the yin-yang and vice versa.

And with the durian season kicking in, durian lovers are prone to cause excess heat in their bodies due to the overconsumption of durians over a short period of time. I can relate to this because I’m a huge fan of durian and it’s so hard to say “NO” when you see it being sold almost everywhere!!! Thankfully, with THREE LEGS COOLING WATER by THREE LEGS BRAND, I can happily indulge in my durians without worrying much about health maintenance! Still, durians are high in calories and weight gain is likely but so long as your health is still kept at bay, it’s okay to be a little lenient for a while, am I right?

Anyway, THREE LEGS BRAND previously launched their flavored cooling water so do check them out! It’s called COOLTOPIA with three different flavors as shown here!

Meanwhile, I prefer the original flavour so look who’s indulging in durians when she keeps complaining about being fat too AKA Me!!!!

Grabs yours at any supermarket or convenient stores! I mean, you don’t have to be eating durians to consume these God-sent waters! Singapore is “HEATY” too!

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