[REVIEW] 9wishes Rice Series

Hello beauties! I'm up again with another skincare series review for y'all to read up on. It took me approximately three weeks to jot down my thoughts. Super excited to introduce 9wishes to y'all out there! 9wishes??? What's that? A renowned skincare line based in Korea, 9wishes has launched its RICE SERIES! Let's get started!... Continue Reading →

How to relieve heatiness?

Heaty VS Cooling? What's this concept about? Based on the yin and the yang, anything that has yang elements will cause heat while those with yin elements will have a cooling effect on our bodies! Heaty food aids blood circulation, dispels cold and stimulates the body while cooling food removes heat, toxins and nourishes the... Continue Reading →


I give up telling people how it feels like. It’s a struggle to nowhere. They will never understand. A blunt assurance that fails to bring light. A road of desolation and helplessness. A scene that will never be seen in the eyes of others, just only inside my head. Replaying all hopelessness - there’s no... Continue Reading →

Freshlight Foam

Freshlight Foam #schwarzkopfsg is by far the best hair dye I've ever used! Why is that so? Application is fun, easy and fast! Their after-treatment contains sunflower oil and has certainly left my hair soft and supple! Formulated with double-oil for exceptional colour, richness and radiance, I'm extremely pleased with how the vibrant colours turned... Continue Reading →

FadeOut Day Cream

Took me quite a while to write about this but here's a quick update! I've been using FadeOut's ADVANCED WHITENING + VIT E Day Cream for about a month and the results are pretty amazing! Purposely left my skin bare so scroll down to see the difference! Before After Sorry, no filters added! What I... Continue Reading →

Wok Master

Located at Changi City Point, City Square Mall and Westgate, WOK MASTER is certainly making it more accessible for Chinese food lovers like me to dine in with no difficulties! This restaurant has a variety of seafood choices to choose from and I'm impressed by the way its menu is being catered for veggie lovers/vegetarians... Continue Reading →

One simple way to earn fast cash

Partipost with me to earn your extra pocket money as and when you feel the urge to promote ready products in the market! If you guys haven't known yet, Partipost has been a platform where I can freely express my ideas and creations whilst promoting a product of my choice in the market! Yes, you... Continue Reading →


May I ask you sir If it was fair to leave me alone in silence And allow rumour to spread because of your sadness And allow tongues to wag because you were immature You thought you were justified enough but it never happened May I ask you sir If it was fair enough to leave... Continue Reading →

More Than It Was

More than it was A knife to cause hurt More than it should have been An indecent desire Wrapped with folly to conceal unwanted emotions All I see is escape from the daunting arms of the future Words that were muttered under extreme emotions Exchanged with hopeful fulfilment of dreams that never fired Said in... Continue Reading →

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