[REVIEW] 9wishes Rice Series

Hello beauties! I'm up again with another skincare series review for y'all to read up on. It took me approximately three weeks to jot down my thoughts. Super excited to introduce 9wishes to y'all out there! 9wishes??? What's that? A renowned skincare line based in Korea, 9wishes has launched its RICE SERIES! Let's get started!... Continue Reading →

Brand’s Lutein Essence

They say the eyes are the window to the souls yet the increased affluence and convenience of our lifestyle has led us to forget how IMPORTANT it is to keep these “windows” clean and sturdy. Blue-violet light is massively invading our environment as technology advances to more energy-conserving inventions like LED and CFLs which emit... Continue Reading →

Kotex LUXE

In love with these new and improved KOTEX LUXE pads! Saved my ass from offending ppl bcs ya know when you’re already super grumpy, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable down there!

NIVEA Whitening Powder

  I  CHOOSE #NIVEAWhiteningPowder by @niveasg 💓 as my one stop-solution to keeping my underarm dry & fresh with its 48hr dryness protection! It drives me nuts with its confident-boosting floral, powdery scent😍🌸. Also, it’s alcohol-free and dermatologically approved for skin tolerance which my sensitive pits are grateful for. What do you choose?🤔🙂

Nivea Extra White Serum

Recently, I’ve been religiously using this mini extra white serum by NIVEA and the results turned out more than I’d expected. Not only do I feel and smell more refreshing in this sweltering heat, I’m also more confident with wearing my singlets out! Little did I know that it contains 10x more vitamin c than... Continue Reading →

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