Dance The Night Away

With a breathless account Lead me by the hand Let the images flow Take one more step Let the butterflies stumble All over my chest Set the sparks free All over my breath Withdraw entirely When the bell chimes to your left We have an hour Before the sun rises again So would you please... Continue Reading →

pH Balancer!

Keeping fit is one of the most essential daily/weekly activities to do for vital health, uplifted mood and great skin! To facilitate with effective toxin-flushing, I make sure I rehydrate my body with pH_balancer's alkaline water! Sourced from pristine oceans, my whole system feels instantly rejuvenated with its light taste and refreshing effect! Head down... Continue Reading →

Coping With Depression

Before I start, I would like to remind you fellow readers that I have yet to reach my doctorate degree for psychology but this article is the work of many research done previously and also, improved by the teachings that I have received from my devoted lecturers. This article is also inspired by clinically-diagnosed patients... Continue Reading →


对不起 我还爱你 还需要你 。 。 。 。 忘不了你 对不起 心不能分离 对不起 要你开心 对不起 这些我都给不了你 明明知道心是玻璃瓶 却不注意到话题 破碎了憔悴的你 对不起 心如刀割 就割伤你纯粹的心 对不起 我愿意忘了你 对不起 当时只是以为自己可以 爱一个人是要他快乐 要他快乐却为何哭了 读不了我苦衷最好 若恨我一辈子 别忘了我的好 对不起 承诺都成真不了 对不起 不逞之徒是我 心疼的人也还是我 走着走着 你的爱在岁月中消失了 这消息我一瓶酒永远喝不下 恨你是因为爱到骨子里 在盼望未来一起看日落的阳光中 蒙住眼瞎 看透不了你的绝望 对不起 一个人 走着走着 还是担心你承不下 对不起 我知道错了 也知道你很坚强 会尽量离你远去 若还留下你一半 是想记住你的美 对不起 心里知道就好 再也不会说爱你了 对不起... Continue Reading →

Single Parenting in Singapore

Quoting from the Singapore's Pledge, Regardless of race, language or religion To build a democratic society Based on justice and equality So as to achieve Happiness Prosperity and Progress for our Nation Do Singaporeans actually take a stance to observe how well-applied this pledge is to the social aspects in Singapore? Let's talk about Single... Continue Reading →

Environmental Friendliness

Quick checklist of being a good children of mother earth! 1) Having water from my own drinking tumbler instead of purchasing too many mineral water bottles AND 2) Having my own shopping/grocery bag with me when I’m out! 🙈🙊 - A lot less convenient - I admit - but what’s “convenient” when you can no... Continue Reading →

Healthy Mediterranean Eats

Mediterranean Cuisine has been proven to be one of the World's most healthiest cuisine, relying heavily on olive oil and many other healthy ingredients! If the first thing that comes to your mind is hummus, then T-A-D-A! Today, I'll be listing out exactly what you're putting inside your body when you indulge in Hummus! Take... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Label

In every society across the world, the prevailing issue of mental health disorders tends to be stigmatised. Thus, misconceived. We’ve been taught to feel ashamed of our mental struggles simply because society disregards mentally ill people and casually blames the sufferer or the parents of the sufferer for their plight. We forget that these disorders... Continue Reading →

Brand’s Lutein Essence

They say the eyes are the window to the souls yet the increased affluence and convenience of our lifestyle has led us to forget how IMPORTANT it is to keep these “windows” clean and sturdy. Blue-violet light is massively invading our environment as technology advances to more energy-conserving inventions like LED and CFLs which emit... Continue Reading →

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