Customised Leather Goods

Certainly fancy personalised items for their sense of belonging - Especially this classy lanyard personalised with my initials by Having this lanyard saved my ass a lot when I’m in a hurry 🏃🏻‍♀️ bcs it has all that I need! Big enough to put my 2-in-1 ezlink + mastercard and my condo’s access card!... Continue Reading →

UK Apparel

Finally getting a chance to flaunt my eloise skirt (size s) by @flyfashion_uk Quote ‘ maiilurdae25 ‘ for a 25% OFF when you checkout at their store (link on @flyfashion_uk ig bio). To save time, simply click on the link below!


Currently loving this FOCALLURE LUXE ROSE GOLD ON ACID (36) by @just16makeup !! Being a liquid lipstick 💄, it’s long-lasting and incredibly smooth to apply! I love how it shimmers naturally on my lips! 👄 Also, its 100% vegan too! Check out their website via their ig pages @just16makeup @just16shop for a wide array of... Continue Reading →


YUMYUM! If you’re crazy in love with mustard just like me, try Maille’s Dijon Mustard if you haven’t! It’s versatile with many dishes and comes in different styles! I’m having the wholegrain version and it goes extraordinarily well with my morning toast! On top of that, I like how I can devour it as it... Continue Reading →


Using these travel-sized makeup anywhere I go has made life more convenient for me! These korean cosmetics products by KIKSUYA suit my sensitive skin as I haven’t experienced any breakout from applying their products! Not only that, it has a wide range of cheerful colours to choose from, not to mention it’s hygienic packaging!! ONLY... Continue Reading →


Sadness creeps as the dawn breaks A perfect start to a new day Oh shame, it is. Beyond escape This indescribable feeling creeping up my chest No words to express the emotions infested Just a mixture of intense elaboration Haunting me day and night Comes and goes as and when it likes What is this... Continue Reading →

Loving Kindness

Despite all the traumas and pain inflicted on me You'll always be the most tender little boy I know Who gave love to be loved in return Yet despite my struggles I couldn't give you what I wanted And got both of us hurt in the process One last time to confirm with you if... Continue Reading →


Sobriety, what is that? A kind of danger, a form of hazard Ravenous flames that threaten to steal my oxygen Reality, why is it so sad A flair of unfairness And a dip of nausea Coaxing me to bed And they whisper hushes of silence Beneath the tip of my nose Soothing me back home... Continue Reading →

24 hours

I will wait for those twenty-four hours to be gone All the pain shall be numbed without swimming back and forth All the shame shall be diving through the waves of the unknown In a sense, I've been waiting for this day to come and go So I don't have to stay in silence Thinking... Continue Reading →

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