pH Balancer!

Keeping fit is one of the most essential daily/weekly activities to do for vital health, uplifted mood and great skin! To facilitate with effective toxin-flushing, I make sure I rehydrate my body with pH_balancer's alkaline water! Sourced from pristine oceans, my whole system feels instantly rejuvenated with its light taste and refreshing effect! Head down... Continue Reading →

Abuse During Pregnancy

Regardless of your age, gender, race or social status, suffering from an abuse is prevalent yet ignored. The same goes for pregnant women, who are at higher risks of suffering from abuse - which can take place in the form of physical, verbal and emotional - all of which that can directly affect the physical... Continue Reading →

Betta Boo Bee

Deeds of crimson branded all over your skin Those scarlet tears percolating out of it Crying out words your lips fail to promote Screaming out fears These soulless eyes can’t perform Painting an art your heart doesn’t want to keep Leaving you antagonized and begging on your knees For that God out there, if ever... Continue Reading →

Too hard

I see more bruises form on my skin I feel more pain from my pelvis I see myself lying in the air I see myself staring into nowhere I find myself getting lost in my thoughts I see the scale going down it can't stop I find more tears trickling down my cheeks And my... Continue Reading →

Healthy Mediterranean Eats

Mediterranean Cuisine has been proven to be one of the World's most healthiest cuisine, relying heavily on olive oil and many other healthy ingredients! If the first thing that comes to your mind is hummus, then T-A-D-A! Today, I'll be listing out exactly what you're putting inside your body when you indulge in Hummus! Take... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time

Once upon a time There lived a girl Called Why No one believed in her Couldn't see Why She died In a tiny penthouse And sometimes they hear her whispers Especially in the middle of the night Sometimes they saw her figure Trudging the forest by No one questioned her existence Neither did they question... Continue Reading →


The darker my poetry The harder I could cry The greater my massacre The longer I felt alive This walls that trapped me Tore my limbs apart And the whole world spins outside While my mind spun for life I tried to grasp for light Each time some seeps through Yet each time my fingers... Continue Reading →

Brand’s Lutein Essence

They say the eyes are the window to the souls yet the increased affluence and convenience of our lifestyle has led us to forget how IMPORTANT it is to keep these “windows” clean and sturdy. Blue-violet light is massively invading our environment as technology advances to more energy-conserving inventions like LED and CFLs which emit... Continue Reading →

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