AHC Premium Hydra B5

In love with AHC’s Premium Hydra B5 Lotion & Toner! Perfectly tones and smoothens my complexion! 🙂🙂Suits dry and sensitive skin pretty well too! Check out my full review on facebook and get your hands on these ASAP!!! 😍

Wonjin Effect Baby Glow Cream

I’m able to balance personal hectic work-life schedule with skincare regime religiously thanks to @superberry.me 😘, my go-to for beauty and personal care needs. Recently, it featured the latest #WonjinEffect Baby Glow Cream which helped me save time and be confident in my own skin! This new series delivers radiance to my skin especially when... Continue Reading →

Dr Belmeur

    Dr Belmeur (A SERIES UNDER THE FACE SHOP) is a derma-cosmetic brand made of plant derivatives similar to the skin and is widely sought after by troubled skin of all ages What I personally feel I should highlight is its Micellar Cleansing Water! I love how it does not sting my skin at any way... Continue Reading →

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