Truly Is There?

If we just keep going back and forth then it’s all right Just keep it in a safe box No one will untie I have been so serious with the way I lost myself And I've been so sincere when I look at you one more time I guess it’s all a goodbye right now... Continue Reading →

Dance The Night Away

With a breathless account Lead me by the hand Let the images flow Take one more step Let the butterflies stumble All over my chest Set the sparks free All over my breath Withdraw entirely When the bell chimes to your left We have an hour Before the sun rises again So would you please... Continue Reading →

Awfully Charmed

I've got a red flower in my heart Buried from the past Never came back to life Til you looked me in the eye I've got sorrow that failed to perform Dreams that had got shut from the world And a heart that refused to feel again Til you came along What have you done... Continue Reading →

Take me

Take all that I am Take me for all that I have For I am undeniably Lost in your eyes Just set my heart on fire Then breathe that fire into my lungs I'll drown in fire for you As long as you smile Take as much as you want But don't forget to turn... Continue Reading →

No point

There's no point hoping so much When it's all ended No point waiting on the edge When it's all over No point trying to start again When it has already disappeared No point trying to love again When you said no longer

A Mother’s Love

"Hey there, little one? Today, you're 9 weeks 4 days old and you're a beautiful fetus right now, working on the cuteness of your facial features as your heart beats faster than Mummy's and you're working out on those diaphragms too! I'm so proud of you to have survived this tough milestone, you're such a... Continue Reading →

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