Truly Is There?

If we just keep going back and forth then it’s all right Just keep it in a safe box No one will untie I have been so serious with the way I lost myself And I've been so sincere when I look at you one more time I guess it’s all a goodbye right now... Continue Reading →

Dance The Night Away

With a breathless account Lead me by the hand Let the images flow Take one more step Let the butterflies stumble All over my chest Set the sparks free All over my breath Withdraw entirely When the bell chimes to your left We have an hour Before the sun rises again So would you please... Continue Reading →

Awfully Charmed

I've got a red flower in my heart Buried from the past Never came back to life Til you looked me in the eye I've got sorrow that failed to perform Dreams that had got shut from the world And a heart that refused to feel again Til you came along What have you done... Continue Reading →

Take me

Take all that I am Take me for all that I have For I am undeniably Lost in your eyes Just set my heart on fire Then breathe that fire into my lungs I'll drown in fire for you As long as you smile Take as much as you want But don't forget to turn... Continue Reading →

No point

There's no point hoping so much When it's all ended No point waiting on the edge When it's all over No point trying to start again When it has already disappeared No point trying to love again When you said no longer


对不起 我还爱你 还需要你 。 。 。 。 忘不了你 对不起 心不能分离 对不起 要你开心 对不起 这些我都给不了你 明明知道心是玻璃瓶 却不注意到话题 破碎了憔悴的你 对不起 心如刀割 就割伤你纯粹的心 对不起 我愿意忘了你 对不起 当时只是以为自己可以 爱一个人是要他快乐 要他快乐却为何哭了 读不了我苦衷最好 若恨我一辈子 别忘了我的好 对不起 承诺都成真不了 对不起 不逞之徒是我 心疼的人也还是我 走着走着 你的爱在岁月中消失了 这消息我一瓶酒永远喝不下 恨你是因为爱到骨子里 在盼望未来一起看日落的阳光中 蒙住眼瞎 看透不了你的绝望 对不起 一个人 走着走着 还是担心你承不下 对不起 我知道错了 也知道你很坚强 会尽量离你远去 若还留下你一半 是想记住你的美 对不起 心里知道就好 再也不会说爱你了 对不起... Continue Reading →


我爱你爱到傻 也爱你爱到老 但你只能够慢慢走你的街巷 喜欢和你摇晃 虽然背快要断 只要你开心 我什么都承得下 但你只想着她 也不停的挣扎 而我只能够 慢慢爱你的变化 只怕你被伤害到 只要爱你爱到老 只要你还活得好 我无所谓 一个人走散

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