pH Balancer!

Keeping fit is one of the most essential daily/weekly activities to do for vital health, uplifted mood and great skin! To facilitate with effective toxin-flushing, I make sure I rehydrate my body with pH_balancer's alkaline water! Sourced from pristine oceans, my whole system feels instantly rejuvenated with its light taste and refreshing effect! Head down... Continue Reading →

Abuse During Pregnancy

Regardless of your age, gender, race or social status, suffering from an abuse is prevalent yet ignored. The same goes for pregnant women, who are at higher risks of suffering from abuse - which can take place in the form of physical, verbal and emotional - all of which that can directly affect the physical... Continue Reading →


或许一开始 不该谈恋爱 或许一开始 不该说再见 说了太多变成习惯 自尊心放了太高也是个坏习惯 自己累了 不能够保护自己吗? 来来去去的你 说散就散 说牵就牵 如果没勇气爱 何必塞着期望来 听你朋友吧 错误我来承担 公平吧 不想知道我的思想 错的人是我吧 与情绪对付憔悴的你 一个人寂寞沉默 一个人哭着想念我 却狠狠割伤心头肉 这颗心是燕子窝 是悲哀灵魂包容 可以速快恢复吗? 你也累了吧 这些都想不通 我背影向你却没追了吧 没关系 我爱对你还包容 爱你愚笨伤痕累累的决定 确定两个人分离会开心 你不在我未来出现了 十全十美的人生 心房却无法开设 你我俩 连陌生人也不当 已消失在你思想中 已飞了寻找你的自由 我也飞走了 与你留下来的另一半 牵着 只是擦肩而过 的回忆吧 心一旦死了 不能在原地徘徊

Single Parenting in Singapore

Quoting from the Singapore's Pledge, Regardless of race, language or religion To build a democratic society Based on justice and equality So as to achieve Happiness Prosperity and Progress for our Nation Do Singaporeans actually take a stance to observe how well-applied this pledge is to the social aspects in Singapore? Let's talk about Single... Continue Reading →

Environmental Friendliness

Quick checklist of being a good children of mother earth! 1) Having water from my own drinking tumbler instead of purchasing too many mineral water bottles AND 2) Having my own shopping/grocery bag with me when I’m out! 🙈🙊 - A lot less convenient - I admit - but what’s “convenient” when you can no... Continue Reading →

Healthy Mediterranean Eats

Mediterranean Cuisine has been proven to be one of the World's most healthiest cuisine, relying heavily on olive oil and many other healthy ingredients! If the first thing that comes to your mind is hummus, then T-A-D-A! Today, I'll be listing out exactly what you're putting inside your body when you indulge in Hummus! Take... Continue Reading →

Pita & Olives

This humble shop which caters to halal, vegetarian and vegan eaters is one hot spot for office workers during weekday office hour and a sure place for families to enjoy a savoury pizza meal during the weekends, being the only vendor that sells pizza! Yet, one specialty which highlights the main point to visit this... Continue Reading →

Dinner Tonight

I chopped off my fingers for garlic We shall have it for dinner tonight I choked my hidden fetus alive It’s blood is paradise We’re having it all for dinner Although my guests ain't human My guests are what you call monsters The ones screaming in your head The evil side of your ego The... Continue Reading →

Demons Thrive

Scarlet teardrops  Burgundy slits on the throat  Purple hands clasped loose  While wrists stay roped Watched myself being hung Red dress down my toes Stained gory spelled fury  Ruined fairytale What am I right now  A messy loss of myself  No longer with a beating heart  A tiny life lost itself  In between these thighs... Continue Reading →

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